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Between Cultures - Zwischen den Kulturen. Cultural and Social Integration of German Immigrants in Pittsburgh 1843-1873 / Die kulturelle und gesellschaftliche Integration deutscher Einwanderer in Pittsburgh 1843-1873

Monika A. Kugemann. Paperback, Englisch/German, 345 pages, 78 illustrations, ISBN 3-934632-36-X, EAN 9783934632363, price € 39,90 (D), US-$ 53.15, £ 33.50.

Pretzels and lager beer, Oktoberfest and Männerchor – Some German traditions have survived in the U.S. ever since the arrival of German immigrants. This book looks at how 19th-century German-Americans in Pittsburgh managed to combine a rich cultural heritage with the demands of a new social surrounding.

While economic, demographic and religious variables are usually believed to be the most decisive factors for migrant identity and integration, the author compellingly highlights the significance of cultural aspects for the formation of a collective minority identity. By developing a methodology for describing immigrant cultural identity, its components and influence on assimilation processes, the book complements traditional approaches to migration research.

Dr. Monika Kugemann has studied Theater, Media, English Literature and Journalism. This volume is a revised version of her PhD thesis.

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